Williamstown High’s ATAR scores soar

The staff of Williamstown High School congratulate the year 12 class of 2017 for its excellent VCE results. A record 201 students applied for an ATAR, 16 per cent of whom achieved above 90, while nearly 40 per cent achieved above 80.



Amelia Dunstone (Photo supplied)

English, maths methods (CAS), specialist maths, chemistry, biology, Indonesian

Amelia hasn’t yet decided which career she wants but would like to do a bachelor of science at Melbourne University. She’s sure her career will involve maths and chemistry as she enjoys those subjects the most. Engineering or lecturing are other career possibilities.

Amelia’s tips: Spend an equal amount of time on each subject and have a variety of subjects, so as not to get bored. Don’t let stress overwhelm you in exams and always try your best in SACs as they help determine your ranking in your cohort.



Gus Picking (Photo supplied)

Biology, chemistry, English, accounting, maths methods, UMEP biology

Planning a gap year travelling around South and Central Americas and Europe, Gus will study for a bachelor of science at Melbourne University. He hopes to work with animals, whether as a zookeeper or veterinarian.

Gus’ tips: Make study enjoyable by competing with friends around time spent studying. Don’t sacrifice friends or going out – just study smarter when you have the time.



Jesse Simpson (Photo supplied)

Chemistry, biology, maths methods, English, Indonesian, accounting

Intending to complete a bachelor of biomedicine at Melbourne University, Jesse has the goal of becoming a doctor. He hopes to work as a surgeon on board a mercy ship, providing free medicine to those who need it most.

Jesse’s tips: Never be afraid to ask questions. Enjoy study for what it is and try not to get bogged down by the stress of it all. At the end of the day, it will all come around.



Chris Long (Photo supplied)

English, accounting, Spanish, business management, maths methods, further maths

Having applied to study commerce at Melbourne University, Chris is also considering doing post-graduate law. But first he will spend a gap year travelling South and Central Americas and Europe. Overseas study and specialising in economics are also on the cards.

Chris’ tips: Set allocated periods for intense study and don’t study outside those times. Compete against friends and push yourself to do your best. Also, go out and enjoy year 12!



Oscar Funnell (Photo supplied)

English, maths methods, chemistry, psychology, biology, Japanese

Oscar has applied for a bachelor of science at Melbourne University and looks forward to exploring a future in biology – and really finding his “passion”.

Oscar’s tips: Make sure you develop good study habits and note-taking skills in year 11 so you can get the best possible start to year 12. It helps to evaluate your progress throughout year 12 and always look out for little improvements you can make to daily study routines.



Amos Gibson (Photo supplied)

Psychology, biology, English lit, maths methods, music performance, VET music tech production

Planning for a bachelor of science at Melbourne University, Amos is also interested in other areas, particularly psychology. He’ll also be doing a lot more practising, gigging and recording with his band, Hollow December. Amos is aiming for a balance between science and music – and to do as much stuff as he can without being locked in.

Amos’ tips: Having some kind of organisation to your note-taking will make things a lot easier. Don’t be afraid to strategise. Some subjects will be more work than others, so it pays to prioritise and dedicate extra time to them. Collaborate with mates.


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