Avoid the bargain trap with hearing aids

Audiologist Amanda Nguyen providing different hearing aid options for her patient.

In a world filled with tempting online deals, it’s crucial to approach certain purchases with caution. Take hearing aids for example – tiny devices with the power to transform lives. While the allure of a cheaper online option might seem appealing, the risks associated with such purchases can’t be ignored. With all medical devices, it’s important to make an informed choice when prioritising your long-term hearing health.

It’s easy to purchase shoes, clothes, glasses and even prescription medication online, providing you know your size or have a prescription.

Audiologist Amanda from Active Audiology argues “Unfortunately, hearing aids don’t work that way. The success of these tiny personalised medical devices hinges on proper fitting and adjustments tailored to your unique hearing needs”.

“Even the exact same hearing device can produce a different hearing quality based on how experienced the audiologist is. Getting the “right hearing aid” is therefore only half the solution. The other half is finding the right expert to get the adjustments right,” says Amanda.

Advantages of a qualified audiologist

Personalised Care: The audiologists at Active Audiology take the time to understand your lifestyle needs, ensuring that the chosen hearing aid aligns with your daily activities. The audiologist will narrow it down to a device or two, as well as specific technology that will suit your lifestyle.

Professional Fitting: Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is no such thing as a “stock standard” hearing aid for anyone. Experts from Active Audiology conduct thorough assessments to determine the best fit for your ears, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

Ongoing Support: The relationship doesn’t end with the purchase. Audiologists provide ongoing support, ensuring your hearing aids are adjusted and fine-tuned as your needs change over time. It’s common for a new wearer to need micro-adjustments to accommodate for personal lifestyle activities, such as watching your regular TV programs or going to your favourite restaurants.

“At Active Audiology we have a great aftercare service where the first 12 months of appointments have no charge. That first year is crucial in getting the settings right and making sure that you are happy”, said Amanda.

Risks for online purchases

Is it an actual hearing aid?: If a hearing aid is “cheap”, it may not be a hearing aid and rather be a different gadget called an amplifier. These look like hearing aids, but are simply gadgets that increase the volume on everything.

“I had a young patient who came to me frustrated, as he thought he had bought a cheap hearing aid. It made everything very loud and didn’t help him hear conversations at all. I had to explain that it wasn’t a hearing aid, and rather an amplifier,” explained Amanda.

Improper Fit: Generic online purchases may not provide the proper fit, leading to discomfort and potential damage to your ears. There are over 10 reputable hearing aid manufacturers who have about 50 models under each brand. Technology is always improving and new models are being released annually. Only an experienced audiologist can determine what is going to work best for your hearing lossand lifestyle.

Limited Support: Online purchases often lack the ongoing support necessary for the optimal performance of your hearing aids. Even with premium hearing devices, you may need minor repairs or adjustments. This can be difficult if there is no ‘real person’ to assist you.

When it comes to hearing aids, it’s not just about the device; it’s about your quality of life. Don’t compromise your hearing health for a quick bargain – opt for expertise, care, and a future filled with confidence and support whenever you need for your hearing.

At Active Audiology, the team is here to help you hear what matters. It’s fuss free with guaranteed support for your entire hearing journey with Active Audiology. All clinics offer a no obligation Hearing Aid Discussion appointment.

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