Can better hearing keep Dementia away?

Audiologist Cris Ivanidis from Actice Audiology. (Supplied)

Did you know that long-term hearing impairment is associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Greek Audiologist Cris Ivanidis, from Active Audiology, says recent studies of thousands of people in the US and UK have shown that, over time, hearing impaired individuals showed greater cognitive decline and a higher chance of cognitive impairment than people with normal hearing.

Cris says he has analysed these trials closely.

“The trials showed that hearing impaired people who used hearing aids had better cognition than those who didn’t,” he explains.

“In my day-to-day work, I see a huge change in behaviour when I see clients after a few weeks of wearing hearing aids.

“The communication pathways in the brain need to be stimulated, no differently to how other muscles in the body need to stay active. When you wear a hearing device to assist with hearing loss, even a mild one, you are keeping that pathway active and healthy.”

We exercise to keep our bodies active and healthy. Wearing well chosen hearing devices for your hearing loss, has the same positive benefit on our brain to keep that active and healthy.

Active Audiology is offering14-day trial of the latest technology in hearing devices so now, Cris says, is a great time to visit the independent clinic to have a chat about any hearing concerns.

“The best way to find a hearing aid that works is in the listening situations you find challenging, so our trial offer can be a huge help.

“Whatever the hearing issues, we have a large selection of devices from all the leading manufacturers. After thorough assessment, we’ll recommend the right device, one that’s comfortable, and will give the best long-term chance of remaining mentally active and healthy.”

The clinic is government-accredited to provide free hearing services and aids to pensioners and DVA Gold card holders, as well as services to self-funded retirees.

Testing for children over the age of four, tinnitus testing and diagnosis and custom-made noise plugs are also available.

In its 12 years of operation, Active Audiology has maintained a focus of ongoing training in the latest technology and clinical findings to ensure audiologists remain experts in the field. And the practice has a significant edge on many larger corporate outfits because, as an independent, it’s not tied to particular brands but

can prescribe any brand and provide unbiased clinical advice.

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