Doing mainstream education differently at Newmark

Newmark Primary children developing their woodworking and measurement skills with Tinkerer expert, Remi Hypolite.

In 2016 , the doors of Newmark Primary School opened for the first time.

The school recognised the need for change in education, dared to dream of a better way and mustered the courage to make it happen.

Armed with a vision of how to make education meaningful for children, Newmarket staff put their heads down and got stuck in to pioneer a pathway to a more relevant and purposeful education.

At Newmark Primary, children are inspired to be curious learners, empathetic thinkers and courageous doers through authentic learning grounded in real-life experiences. They are immersed in the world around them, showing them the problems and opportunities in it.

Children are encouraged to be bold –to question the status quo, to get stuck in and make their mark.

Giving them the emotional strength and practical know-how to find solutions that propel positive change in their communities and beyond.

At Newmarket’s upcoming Tink and Tour Open Day you will have the opportunity to learn more about the school’s philosophy, chat to the amazing staff, explore the unique campus, and have a go at some hands-on learning experiences.

Drop in anytime between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday, August 26. Register your interest: