Easy DIY home upgrades

Upgrading your home will keep you busy and productive, leaving you proud of your space and your work. (iStock)

Elle Cecil

When it comes to redesigning your home, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of conjuring up an idea and seeing it come to life.

Depending on the changes you’re looking to make at home, there are a variety of easy DIYs that can save you money, refresh your home and give you a fun, satisfying activity to keep busy. Other than basic refreshers to houses such as a new coat of paint or some extra decorations, read on to learn more about how to jazz up your space for less.

Upgrade hardware around the house

Adding fresh hardware to your home can modernise or neaten a room’s feel. Whether it be door handles, cupboard door knobs or hinges, having a streamlined style of hardware throughout your home can tie each space together in a consistent manner that maintains the colour and style theme. Door handles and hinges are fairly straightforward to replace, and your local hardware store will likely have a range of stylish designs to choose from.

Refresh your bathroom fixtures

Similarly to hardware fittings, updating bathroom hardware such as taps, handles, showerheads and hooks is a surefire way to keep your bathroom looking new and stylish. A little more difficult than regular hardware in the home, plumbing fixtures may require a bit more attention. However, the effect will be well worth it, and can save your hip pocket from the pain of a full bathroom renovation. Online tutorials are available for bathroom fittings of all varieties.

Give your tiles and benches a new lease on life

Dulux has a range of paints suited to tiles and benchtops, giving you the chance to save thousands of dollars on new finishes and tiling costs. Whether you choose a pattern to follow on your kitchen splashback or implement a new colour scheme into your bathroom, the Dulux Renovation range is suited to tiles, vinyl, plastic, laminate and stone surfaces.

Change up your cabinetry

To go with your new benches and tiles, consider painting your drawers and cabinet doors, and adding new hardware like drawer handles. To tie in with new door handles and other hardware updates around the house, adding new knobs to kitchen cupboards or bathroom cabinets will polish any area and is almost too easy to complete. To step up your style, consider adding some trim or panelling to cabinets, or even walls and doors throughout your home.

Update your lighting

Something as simple as changing your light fixtures at home can give different spaces a brand new look and feel. Pendant lights over the kitchen bench are very on trend, and floor lamps can make a space feel warm and inviting. Even changing the light globes around the house can make things feel different, so consider switching your cool-toned light globes to warm-colored lights or vice versa.

Visit your local hardware store for tips and inspiration, or check out online tutorials for straightforward home DIYs!