Everyone’s scrambling for the hottest game in town

Greg, Shane, Brett and Fotis in the new basketball courts. (Joe Mastroianni)

Altona North now has a home for the newest basketball competition format, 3 x 3. Described as a souped-up version of the traditional 5 on 5 game, 3 x 3 is hugely popular worldwide and will feature for the first time at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

Operator of 3Street, Greg Jury, says the 3 x 3 format is going gangbusters at the Westgate Sports & Leisure Complex, with three-sided teams for under-10s through to under-18s, and Open Age men’s and women’s teams signing up.

What is 3 x 3 basketball?

Played on a half court, with three players to a side, 3 x 3 (pronounced three ex three) involves 10-minute games at a rapid pace, with teams shooting for the same hoop, and a coin toss determining which side first plays offence or defence.

You can register as a team, or as an individual who will be placed in a team. Alternatively, players can register for 3Street’s scrambles.

What is a scramble?

Scramble is 3Street’s completely new competition format. Scrambles last three hours. Individuals register and they are then randomly placed in a team. Teams compete in a minimum of eight games per scramble.

With plenty of action and some rest thrown in, scramble is a fun, high-energy mini-tournament played on four court rotations until one player remains and is named King or Queen of the Court.

Points are scored and registered on the player’s personal bio online. Each point is valued at $1, which can be redeemed as a purchase in 3Street’s shop.

Westgate Warriors

Representing Altona in the NBL Hustle League under the auspices of FIBA, the Westgate Warriors play 3 x 3 tournaments in Australia and can qualify for Olympic selection.

3Street has coaching services, and whether your ambitions are high or you just want to have a huge amount of fun, 3 x 3 basketball is a game for everyone.

Between games, players can relax in the lounge area which has a big-screen TV. Court hire is available 7am-9pm Monday-Friday, and 9am-2pm Saturday-Sunday.

NOTE: No uniform is required but white-soled shoes must be worn on court.

To find out more, go to www.3street.com.au to watch You Tube videos – and to register.

3Street is at 
Westgate Sports & Leisure Complex, 
61 Dohertys Road, 
Altona North.