Foot, knee pain help


Most people suffer foot or knee pain at some point in their lives but as foot and knee pain expert, Dr. Paul Dowie explains, it can be difficult to find effective treatment with long-term results.

Dr Dowie, founder of Foot and Leg Pain Clinics and musculoskeletal podiatrist to some of the World’s best athletes, is providing proven solutions that have helped thousands to alleviate pain, heal injuries and even delay or eradicate the need for surgery. Dr. Dowie provided the following information on some common complaints and treatment.

• Many foot and leg conditions are misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated, often because only symptoms are treated and cause and contributing factors are not being addressed.

• Bad foot posture can continually pull your body out of alignment, placing undue stress on other joints and tissues throughout the body, and contributing to pain, injury and arthritis. Consulting a lower limb, musculoskeletal expert who has an understanding of complex foot and leg biomechanics, is essential in ascertaining the exact nature of your condition and providing appropriate treatment.

• Many foot and knee conditions, e.g. plantar fasciitis symptoms, knee, heel and ankle concerns are incorrectly treated with cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications and arthroscopies. These may provide some temporary relief but do not fix these conditions and can delay healing and even cause further tissue damage.

• The latest medical research supports the following strategies for safe, effective, long-term outcomes to relieve pain, improve function and mobility, heal injuries and aid arthritis:

1. Load management strategies, to reduce forces/stress placed through the joints and tissues

2. Encouraging joint and tissue repair (often with natural regenerative therapies i.e. Prolotherapy and PRP)

3. Assisting joint and tissue function, range of motion, strengthening and conditioning to assist long-term healing

You can see Dr. Dowie at his Foot and Leg Pain Clinics across Melbourne including Williamstown. For Bookings call: 1300 328 300.