New Doutta Galla CEO to champion quality aged care

CEO Glenn Rappensberg.

Doutta Galla Aged Care Services Limited (Doutta Galla) is delighted to announce the appointment of Glenn Rappensberg as its new Chief Executive Officer, who commenced in January 2024.

Glenn brings a wealth of experience, both clinical and administrative, from across the spectrum of human services and is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of care within aged care given the significant reform process currently underway. His leadership will be instrumental in guiding Doutta Galla through a period of exciting change and development to ensure continued excellence.

Boasting 35 years in the human services sector, Glenn’s expertise as a CEO spans health, disability, and community service environments, including local government. His impressive track record within the research community, coupled with his deep understanding of funding and regulations at all levels, positions him exceptionally well to navigate the evolving landscape of aged care.

“I’m honoured and thrilled to join Doutta Galla,“ said Glenn.

“This organisation has a rich history of providing exceptional care to all, regardless of background, and I’m committed to building upon that legacy.“

Glenn acknowledged the outstanding leadership of Vanda Iaconese and expressed his commitment to upholding the organisation’s core values of accessibility, inclusivity, and compassionate care.

Glenn recognises the challenges and opportunities ahead, including the implementation of the Rights-Based Aged Care Act and the new Aged Care Quality Standards. He assured the community that Doutta Galla will actively engage in these changes and strive to exceed expectations.

“Retirees often face decisions about where and how to live during their retirement years” Glenn said.

“With an ageing population, there’s a growing interest in housing options such as retirement villages, independent living units, and aged care facilities. However, availability, affordability, and the quality of these options vary, posing challenges for retirees and their families. Amidst these considerations, Queens Park Retirement Living in Moonee Ponds stands out as a very good choice, offering exceptional value. Its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality and location makes it a standout option in the landscape of retirement living.”

Glenn looks forward to collaborating with his team and welcomes their insights in shaping the future of Doutta Galla. He believes in the collective strength of the organisation and its commitment to remaining a beacon of compassion, care, and community for years to come.

About Doutta Galla Aged Care Services

Doutta Galla Aged Services Limited is a not-for-profit organisation providing residential aged care, retirement living, respite care, disability and in-home services across Melbourne and regional Victoria since 1991. It is a a non-denominational organisation committed to provide accessible, affordable and quality care, regardless of religious, socioeconomic and ethnic background. Staff aim to provide access to aged care services which are also inclusive of people with diverse experiences and backgrounds