Same pharmacy, only different

Tom Sarros and Simon Jiao. (Damjan Janevski/Photo taken pre-COVID)

Simon Jiao, owner of Chemist Discount Centre for the past two years, kept a lot of things the same as when it operated for many years as Tom Sarris Pharmacy, but he’s introduced more competitive prices for the hundreds of patients he sees every day.

Simon has also recently launched a Click and Collect service, a boon for busy people and a great help for those who are continuing to “play it safe” for COVID’s sake.

“Making what we think are essential changes has been a challenge – but one we love. It’s a privilege to meet the needs of our customers, providing them with the right professional care and advice, as well as service to a high standard,” Simon says.

“Seeing our customers leave the pharmacy satisfied – and then seeing them return again and again – gives all our staff enormous job satisfaction.”

The team

“Our team knows the local community really well, with this knowledge and understanding providing customers and patients with confidence in approaching them for advice and product information. We also have a strong collaborative approach with other health professionals and GPs in the area.”

The team includes pharmacist Barbara Macdonald and pharmacy assistant Jane McCarthy, who have been with the pharmacy for more than 25 years, along with retail manager Karen Curtis who’s been on board for 15 years.

Webster packs

Chemist Discount Centre now has a cloud-based system to manage Webster packs (dose administration aids) – an important service to the community.

“A good Webster pack can often allow elderly patients to remain in their own homes longer,” Simon explains. “It provides access by health professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to a patient’s medication profile and establishes an improved communication channel for everyone involved in that patient’s care.”

A vaccination service is also available.

Good things don’t change

Simon agrees he’s changed up a few things, but what remains is a commitment to exceptionally high service standards.

The willingness to forge strong community links is something he shares with Tom, the original owner, while genuine affordability is also key to his overall approach.

Right now, affordability is highlighted – see the advertisement below.

Chemist Discount Centre,
88-90 Pier Street, Altona.
Opens 8.30am-7pm Monday-Saturday; 9am-2pm Sunday and some public holidays. Inquiries: 9398 1133