World class foot, leg and knee treatments

Dr. Paul Dowie, one of Australia’s leading lower limb pain and injury experts, is one of Foot and Leg Pain Clinic's top professionals. (Supplied)

Foot and knee pain as well as injuries and arthritis are very common, but so difficult to treat successfully. Despite this, it’s comforting to know that Hobsons Bay has a world class expert in its midst.

Dr Paul Dowie, one of Australia’s leading lower limb pain and injury experts, and practitioner to some of the world’s best athletes, practices locally in Williamstown.

Dr Dowie has spent much of his career assisting professional athletes including nine of the world’s number one tennis players, PGA golfers, Olympic gold medallists and world record holders. However, he now focuses on his Foot and Leg Pain Clinics, which are located across metro Melbourne and Geelong. With 25 years’ experience assisting people of all ages and lifestyles with lower limb (from toes to hips) pain, injuries, degenerative concerns and children’s growth and development issues, he has a wealth of experience and insight into how to help the body heal itself.

Dr Dowie established Foot and Leg Pain Clinics to help everyday people with the very same up-to-date knowledge, research and treatments available to elite athletes. The clinics assist in both common and complex foot and leg conditions, with the very latest evidence-based and clinically proven treatment plans, which have seen people heal old injuries, avoid surgery and reduce or eliminate the need for their long-term medications.

Renowned for successful treatment outcomes, Dr Dowie and his clinics’ services are sought after from far and wide. People have travelled from right across the country and the world to receive treatment, not to mention the thousands of adults, seniors and children he regularly assists across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

If you suffer from any foot, heel, ankle or knee pain; sports or general soft tissue injuries; arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, joint pain or children’s development concerns or growing pains, there’s no need to worry. Expert help is just around the corner!

Foot and Leg Pain Clinics are located across Melbourne and Geelong. Phone the team today on 1300 328 300 for more information or to make an appointment.