Check in to Hotel Obscura

Audiences are being warned to expect the unexpected when they check into Hotel Obscura this week as part of the Festival of Live Art (FOLA).

Altona Meadows performer Carolyn Hanna (pictured) is wary of giving away too many details but invites the curious to join what promises to be a memorable journey.

“This is a large-scale live artwork in a mystery location,” she said. “Some of the performances are in rooms, some are in other spaces.”

Audience members are immersed in a “beautiful audio walk” as they stroll through streets to the mystery hotel. On arrival, they rotate through three journeys from a suite of 15 stories, including Hanna’s The Love Bank. 

Hotel Obscura has enjoyed successful seasons in Berlin, Linz, Marseille, Vienna and Athens and Hanna said the one-on-one format lent itself to a memorable experience.

“It’s really been amazing to work with a large group of artists who are helping each other to devise their performances,” she said.

“What do we have at the end of our lives? We have memory of experiences and we want to give audiences an experience that is really memorable and joyful.”

Hotel Obscura performances will be held in a secret CBD location from Thursday to Sunday. Tickets $25-35. Bookings: