Film makers seek AC/DC school-concert goers

Annette Stephens (front) with John Lawerence, John Wagensveld, Terry Stiles, Marty Fripp, Julie Stephens, Chrissy Gibson. Picture: Joe Mastroianni

Altona Film Club is looking for people who saw legendary Australian rock band AC/DC perform at Altona North Technical School or Paisley Park High School in July, 1975.

Co-ordinator John Lawrence said the club was producing a film aimed at documenting the experiences of students, staff and fans who were there.

“This was in a six-month period when AC/DC really did come down from Sydney and launch themselves and their careers from Melbourne,” he said.

“It was an absolutely pivotal phase in their career and development.

Bon Scott
Bon Scott

“We’d really like to present the documentary to the band when they arrive for their concerts in December this year.”

The film will be screened at next year’s Altona Beach Film Festival, run by Annette Stephens.

Ms Stephens remembers sneaking out of school to see AC/DC play at Altona North.

“I just remember I was wearing big platform shoes, Staggers jeans – very flarey – and a little stripey jacket, and I just thought I must have looked amazing,” she said.

“You could hardly walk in those bloody things. Truthfully, I wasn’t really into AC/DC – I was more a Sherbet girl – but all the people were going, so we rocked up. I think we wagged school and a group of girls snuck in.

“We didn’t know they were going to be so big and famous. It was very cool and very exciting.”

These days, she’s a huge AC/DC fan.

“They worked very hard to get where they are and they have made it,” Ms Stephens said.

“Poor Bon didn’t make it … I do remember the very tight jeans and Bon being very very skinny, and Angus in his school uniform.”

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