Melton mates racing to find a cure

24/7/18 North West Photography Issue 31/7 Rally Joe and Maz will be driving from Perth to Sydney across the outback Pic Marco De Luca

By Sumeyya Ilanbey

Melton friends Maz Brown and Joe Cussen are revved up to raise funds for a cause close to their hearts.

The duo, who’ve lost many family members to cancer, will be taking part in this year’s Shitbox Rally to raise money for the Cancer Council. They will be driving from Perth to Sydney, via Uluru, in May, 2019.

Ms Brown says the duo will do the rally in honour of their fathers, who were both diagnosed with cancer.

Ms Brown’s 64-year-old father Derick Robson is in remission after doctors found a carcinoma in his neck three years ago. Mr Cussen’s father, Donny Cussen, died in 1990 after battling
lung cancer.

“This is quite close to our hearts, and with my dad being a survivor [I’m doing it for him].
He’s my hero, he’s my inspiration and he’s my drive to do this,” Ms Brown says.

“[His cancer diagnosis] was a big shock for everyone. He was doing up his motorbike helmet and felt a lump under his chin, had it checked out and that’s when doctors said it was a carcinoma.”

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to donate to Ms Brown and Mr Cussen, who are already planning ways to fundraise $20,000.

The pair will drive a grey-coloured Ford Fairmont Ghia, which they’re hoping to pick up soon.