Volunteer Olly in full voice to make a difference for young / Video

Williamstown’s Olly Tripodi says he has a “once-in-a-generation” chance to make real change after becoming one of five Australians shortlisted to become MTV’s Millennial Leader.

The winner, whose role will be to advocate for issues that matter to young people and lead social action to improve Australia’s future, will have a fortnightly blog on MTV.

Tripodi, who volunteers for the YMCA and heads Youth Parliament, entered the competition with a You Tube clip where he speaks about equality and looking after society’s vulnerable.


If he wins, he’ll have access to a ‘brains trust’ of sports stars, media figures, entrepreneurs and entertainers to help him achieve his goals.

“I’d absolutely love to buy Tim Costello a beer and pick his brain,” Tripodi says.

“Tim is really fighting the good fight and standing up for people who are considerably less fortunate.”

I tell Tripodi that when I think of MTV, I think of Miley Cyrus – what’s up with her and young people today?

“It’s easy to just pick one person from a generation and make broad generalisations,” Tripodi says. “I love to boogie, but my twerking needs work. In all seriousness, though, young people are noticeably absent from the political system, but they’re not apathetic. This really is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, to give one young person from Australia a platform to influence change… this is the best chance I’ve come across.”

People have until November 13 to vote for who they want as the voice of a generation.

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