Williamstown’s Wicked of Oz join in the Garage Sale Trail

Jessica Illichmann 'Mad Dame' and Amy Truslove. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Wicked of Oz studios in Williamstown is among dozens of local addresses on this month’s Garage Sale Trail.

The sixth annual ‘trail’ is a day of simultaneous garage sales on October 22, with bargain and treasure hunters urged to map their way from sale to sale.

One of 12 resident artists at Wicked of Oz, Amy Truslove says she’s clearing out her storage unit and stock from her online business, Minette’s Vintage. “We’ve got everything from vintage tricycles to mannequins, clothing to homewares,” she said.

Jessica Illichmann, of Mad Dame body glitter photography, says she’ll be selling “all sorts of wondrous sparkly amazingness”.

“A lot of people come into the studio here to get body-glittered then photographed,” she said. “I have custom-made cosmetic body glitter and biodegradable glitter, so anyone can take that home. Usually, when we have open days like this there’s lots of face glittering going on for donations, just for fun.”

She says people will be able to pick up all sorts of eclectic things at the studio tucked away in Aitken Street. “One of the artists here collects body parts, animal skeletons and things like that – the macabre,” Ms Illichmann said. “That’s the secret of this place; no one knows it exists and when they walk in it’s like a whole other world; the hidden secrets of Melbourne.”

For more details, visit garagesaletrail.com.au