A colourful Christmas card

Artist Megan Hunter and Fraser MP Daniel Mulino. (Damjan Janevski) 378123_05

Footscray Community Arts Centre’s ArtLife Studio program artist Megan Hunter had the opportunity to design Christmas cards for Fraser MP Daniel Mulino.

The work titled “Hidden Creatures” is being featured on the cards, having featured in an exhibition at the centre.

Passionate about animals and protecting the waterways, Ms Hunter’s work encompasses local wildlife and the climate crisis.

She often references the sea, waterways and their creatures with bold lines and vibrant colours.

“What my work means to me is taking care of different animals,” she said. “I would like to care for sick and injured dolphins.

“I also want people to stop polluting the water, and keep rubbish out of the waterways.”

Mr Mulino decided to feature Ms Hunter’s art on his Christmas card.

“I am a huge fan of the work that Footscray Community Arts does in encouraging people with disabilities to explore their creativity and express themselves,” he said.

“Staff work really hard to break down barriers and promote the amazing contribution that people with disability can make.”

The arts centre has supported deaf and disabled people for more than 30 years through its ArtLife Studio program.

ArtLife currently supports 40 artists and also offers a residency program, in which there are six artists including Ms Hunter.

“I enjoy the program, I am here for all five days and enjoy using different colours, paints and pencils,” she said.

“I like to draw on paper, and then colour them in with paint or pencils.”

Her pattern is also being used on a 3D hammerhead shark sculpture , which is on display at the centre.

Jennifer Pittorino