A maritime musical

Cast members Mat Dwyer, Nicole Rammesh , Lucy May Knight and Jackson Cross at the Bluestone where Sarah Wynen's play will debut next month. (Jacob Pattison)341043_01

A new Australian musical by Sarah Wynen is coming to the Bluestone Church Arts Space for one week only beginning on Tuesday, July 18.

The story takes place in the future after a fictional nuclear World War III , following six unlikely strangers on a boat as they drift across the ocean between Australia and New Zealand.

Wynen said her love for the ocean was the main driving force behind choosing this storyline.

“I love the ocean and I wanted to find a way to set this story completely on the water,” she said.

“I also wanted to raise ethical questions about the treatment of asylum seekers, I hope this story makes people reflect and question their own beliefs.”

Having a history in the entertainment industry as both a performer and a writer who has focused heavily on music, Wynen is very comfortable working with musicals.

“I believe something magical happens when you tell a story through music and movement, and I wanted to bring that magic to an underrepresented genre,” she said.

“Not many musicals attempt to tackle dystopian settings and imagined apocalyptic futures, this one does.

“This story is all about humans and how they connect to each other, to vocalise and to move is the most human thing ever, and it’s what binds this story together, and to the audience.”

Wynen said audiences can expect high quality performances from some of Melbourne’s best talent.

“Most of all they should expect to be taken on a journey.

“This show will immerse the audience in a world that not many get to experience, the calm and the chaos of the ocean.”

Blue to The Horizon is making its world debut through the Sevenfold Theatre Company from Tuesday, July 18, to Saturday, July 22.

Jennifer Pittorino