A multicultural visit

Somers Parade Kindergarten were visited by students from Japan. (Jason from JP Evermore Photography)

An Altona Kindergarten was visited by a group of Japanese students who spent the day interacting with the students, learning the ins and outs of an Australian kindergarten.

On Wednesday, November 15, 25 students and seven teachers from Okinawa Prefecture visited Somers Parade Kindergarten for an hour of fun.

Centre director Liz Ryan said this activity is part of the Japanese students annual home stay where they stay with families in the Altona area.

“When the students arrived the Somers Parade kindergarten sang some songs,’ she said.

“These included ‘Johnny works with one hammer,’ ‘Miss Lucy had a baby,’ and the ‘Caterpillar song.”

Liz said in preparation for the visit the children had made bookmarks for the students which detailed both the Australian and Japanese flags.

“We made lemonade scones and Vegemite sandwiches for afternoon tea and for 45 minutes the Japanese students got to interact with the children indoors and outdoors.

“The students enjoyed playing with the children, especially outdoors in the sandpit, mud patch and riding the bikes with the kinder children.”

Liz said the students were interested in the vegetable garden, which they got to sample from as well as the chickens which they enjoyed feeding.

“On their departure the children had made some Australian and Japanese flags that they gave to the students.

“It was a very special experience for our kindergarten children to be able to show them what they do while at kindergarten in Australia.

“It was a most enjoyable day.”

While the students are in Australia they also visit Victoria University for one week to learn English.

Jennifer Pittorino