A Shakespeare classic is coming to Footscray

The Sevenfold Theatre Company . performers. Amy Watts, Lore Burns, Lucy May Knight and Jackson Cross. (Damjan Janevski) 416680_04

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s work, will be played until July 20 at the Bluestone Church Arts Space.

The Sevenfold Theatre Company play, set in ancient Athens, promises to captivate audiences with its story of young lovers’ adventures in a magical forest where fairies meddle with their affections, causing chaos.

With mistaken identities and love potions, chaos reigns until the fairies set things right, leading to weddings and joy for all (kind of).

Uniquely incorporating live music and sound, the casts create a live score using various instruments, voices, and their own bodies.

Carefully crafted acoustic soundscapes create the forest’s ambiance, build suspense and enhance the mood of each scene.

Director Mitchell Wills said, “Our rendition of dream is exploring something new for the company, live music produced entirely by the actors on the stage. Although it was rather terrifying not to have sheet music for the actors to learn before the first rehearsal, what we have gained is this living, breathing and incredibly charming soundscape from start to finish”.

Performer Lore Burns said, “I was quite nervous joining this show to start with due to my ongoing recovery from being hit by a car last year and being unsure of how I would go physically, but it’s been so much fun that even when I’m exhausted I feel supported and happy.

“I’ve never had to play cello whilst simultaneously delivering a monologue before, so that’s been a fun/scary challenge and something very unique in the show.”

Details: events.humanitix.com/sevenfold-theatre-company-inc-presents-a-midsummer-night-s-dream.