An expose of life in isolation

Altona photographer Judith van Daalen. Photo: Damjan Janevski 206965_01

Goya Dmytryshchak

Altona photographer Jude van Daalen is documenting people at their homes for her Life in Self-Isolation project as a way of giving back.

After moving to Australia from Netherlands six years ago, van Daalen opened a photography studio in Altona.

However, she said the COVID-19 pandemic has all but killed business.

“In these uncertain times where most of us feel anxious about what’s happening and what might happen, I felt the urge to do something to help others and myself stay positive,” van Daalen said.

“I was inspired by my good friend Shavita, who started giving free online yoga classes after someone bought her a carton of eggs.

“In an act of kindness and community spirit, she decided to pay it forward, and that inspired me to do something for our wonderful community too.”

Hence, her Life in Self-Isolation Project (LiSi) was born.

van Daalen said her photographs captured people’s lives at an unprecedented time in history, documenting families, pets, and how people were spending their days.

She asks her subjects what they are doing now that they didn’t normally do, and what’s something positive that has come out of this situation.

“It’s my gift to capture this for the beautiful people in our community who made me feel at home and welcome for all the years that I’ve lived here,” van Daalen said.

“I hope to inspire people to find something positive so together we can make a difference and document this time in our lives.

“My friends and I check in with each other on a daily basis, my neighbour and I chat over the fence and I’ve met many beautiful families for my Life in Self-Isolation project.”

All portraits are taken from several metres distance of subjects in their front garden, doorsteps and windows.

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