Beach clean-up

Marie Mohamudaly and Marlene Robbins at Altona Beach (Supplied)

Bupa aged care residents took to Altona beach on Friday to help clean the area of plastic litter.

The aged care residents worked with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), in one of CVA’s first volunteering opportunities since Melbourne’s lockdown was lifted.

CVA’s acting executive manager Jonathan Noble said that the residents joined a group of people at the beach to learn about the impact plastic has on the environment.

“By picking up the litter … they’re able to identify the main sources of pollution in Australia and by doing that we can identify where that pollution comes from and we then go and work with people to try and lessen that pollution,” he said.

“Sometimes that might be from creeks and rivers and sometimes that might be from boating, so that sort of plastic pollution comes from all over the place.”

Mr Noble said the aged care residents had a great time on the day and were really involved in the activity.

“They were really engaged with it to an extent that I was amazed about, they were really happy and jovial and asked a lot of questions,” he said.

“They were as active as anyone else and took part just as much as anyone else did which was fantastic.”

Molly Magennis