Chemist Warehouse for Altona

Beshoy Tawadros (Goya Dmytryshchak)

Goya Dmytryshchak

Chemist Warehouse is coming to Altona.

Pharmacist Beshoy Tawadros said the chemist at 65 Pier Street was yet to be fully rebranded but was already offering discounted prices.

“At the moment, all the prices are already active and we’re running the same promotions and catalogues as them,” he said.

“Come November, we will be fully branded, fully redone, and we will be like our sister stores in Altona North – the one in Millers Road and the one at Altona Gate shopping centre.”

The Pier Street store has a small footprint but Mr Tawadros said it would stock the full Chemist Warehouse line.

“We will be a compact store, but we’ve managed to fit in everything,” he said.

“There will be some works going on in-store but we will be your typical Chemist Warehouse.

“So, we’ll have the full range of fragrances, we’ll have cosmetics, we’ll have all the skincare, all the eye care, all the baby stuff.

“It’s great for the Altona region. There hasn’t really been anything like Chemist Warehouse in the Altona area.”

Mr Tawadros said Chemist Warehouse was very proud of the $1 co-payment discount.

“All PBS prescriptions, whether they’re pension cardholders … veteran affair cardholders – the normal price is $6.60 this year,” he said.

“However, at Chemist Warehouse we’re proud to offer a voluntary $1 discount, which brings the price down to $5.60 for those PBS prescriptions, and to date, we’ve saved Australians over $60 million.”

Locals will be spoilt for choice with the Chemist Discount Centre operating across the road.