Council silent on Techno Park

Hobsons Bay council will no longer be answering questions relating to Techno Park. (Damjan Janevski) 264036_04

Hobsons Bay council will longer answer questions regarding the eviction of Williamstown residents living at Techno Park Drive.

The ongoing issue began after the council sent mass eviction notices to residents of Techno Park Drive, an affordable housing block which is situated near Mobil’s south crude tank farm at Williamstown, in May.

In its council meeting on Tuesday, November 14, new mayor Matt Tyler revealed any questions relating to the matter can not be answered until court matters are complete.

“Due to pending legal action relating to Techno Park in relation to the illegal residential occupation of Techno Park, questions relating to the matter will only be answered upon completion of any legal action,” he said.

In the same round of public question time, the council revealed how much it has paid a PR firm for a range of services in recent months.

Techno Park resident John O’Hagan asked the council why the council had engaged the RedBridge Group- a consultancy firm that specialises in influencing stakeholders and public opinion and wanted to know how much the council had paid the group.

Cr Tyler said RedBridge provides advisory services to council on a variety of important matters to support communications with the community while revealing the council has paid RedBridge $31,800 in recent months.

RedBridge Group specialises in research that provides insight on complex social, political and communication challenges.