Couple caught in the act at nursing home carpark

Goya Dmytryshchak

A couple has escaped charges after being caught in the act in the carpark of a Hobsons Bay aged care facility.

Early on Sunday, June 6, a concerned resident called police about a suspicious hatchback.

The car had left then returned, the second time parked in a different location behind bushes.

At 4am, the resident contacted police who arrived at 4.50am.

Two officers approached the hatchback and after a quick look and a few words, walked to the rear of the vehicle and waited.

After several minutes, a man and woman emerged from the vehicle pulling on their clothes as they did so.

The local couple could have faced numerous offences relating to public indecency and trespass.

However, Hobsons Bay police confirmed the pair received a warning they were on private property and just faced a bit of embarrassment.

The resident who reported the vehicle told Star Weekly the hatchback had raised fears in the neighbourhood.

“The male had admitted to Victoria Police that he had been coming to this location for many years, even before the automated security car park gate was installed,” the resident said.

“He was parking up for hours at a time, leaving various rubbish behind such as fast food packaging, tissues and wet wipes.

“The aged care facility are endeavouring to have the carpark made more secure by soon installing a keypad at the entrance.

“We had noticed this vehicle and another a few nights earlier parked well away from the other staff cars, so it raised our suspicions as to its location and purpose.

“Neighbourhood Watch one may say.”