COVID death rates in the west revealed

By Molly Magennis

Over the past two months, Hobsons Bay has lost 21 residents who have died with or due to COVID, recording the second highest total in the west.

The data was released by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and focuses on the period of time between December 8 2021 and February 21 2022.

Booster shot rates in Williamstown and Williamstown North continue to increase, and as of March 2, 65-70 per cent of residents in the 3016 postcode have been tripled vaxxed.

Third dose vaccination rates in Altona North remain stagnant however, with only 45-50 per cent of residents having received their booster.

Hobsons Bay mayor Peter Hemphill said council has worked very hard to install a series of pop-up vaccine hubs around the municipality to ensure all residents can get vaccinated.

“Any death is sad for us, we don’t like to see any deaths in Hobsons Bay,” he said.

“We’ve worked very hard to counter the disease and worked very closely with Dr Mukesh Haikerwal.”

“I do encourage people to get vaxxed, get their third vax as soon as they can, as soon as they’re able to.”

Maribyrnong recorded 15 deaths during this time period, and the local government area of Hume recorded the most deaths in the west, with 35 residents dying with or due to COVID.

According to the DHHS, people with COVID are 66 per cent less likely to die if they have had two doses of the vaccine, compared to someone of their own age with zero or one dose.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said the evidence is clear.

“If you’re yet to get your third dose, it’s easier than ever,just walk in or book at a state-run centre, head to a participating GP or pharmacy, or drop by a pop-up vaccination clinic in your local area.”