EPA looking for feedback managing greenhouse gas emissions

(Martin Adams/ Unsplash)

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is looking for feedback following the release of its draft guidance for managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The document will be a ‘how to’ for Victorian businesses when finalised, which will providing practical advice, examples and case studies so they can understand greenhouse gas emissions and take reasonable actions to meet responsibilities.

While the state government works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the state level, this document is designed to equip individual businesses to make a measurable difference at the factory, shop or office.

EPA chief executive Lee Miezis said each business, no matter the size, had a role to play in reducing GHG emissions.

“Under Victoria’s new environment protection laws, GHG emissions are defined as waste, and businesses with direct or indirect GHG emissions need to understand and manage their emissions to minimise risks,” he said.

“EPA’s final guidance will aim to help businesses assess their GHG emissions and implement controls to minimise risks as far as reasonably practicable.”

Public consultation is open until 5pm Tuesday, February 8.