Faster broadband for the west

(Compare Fibre/Unsplash)

Fibre to the premises [FTTP] National Broadband Network [nbn] connections are on the way for a number of residents across Maribyrnong and Hobsons Bay.

Upgrades across Maribyrnong, Maidstone, Braybrook, Laverton and Altona Meadows will deliver faster broadband connections as part of federal government investments across the west.

nbn customer experience and products executive general manager Joe Lathan said as technology continues to evolve, the demand for faster and more reliable internet connections continues to increase.

“This is being driven by trends such as hybrid work and study arrangements and an increase in online entertainment, such as streaming services and gaming, across multiple devices,” he said.

“We want more people to reap the benefits of fast and reliable internet, now and into the future.”

Fraser MP Daniel Mulino said the digital landscape continues to play a bigger role in people’s lives across the western suburbs each year.

“The past two years of COVID in particular have shown the importance of reliable internet for so many workers and businesses in Fraser and around the nation,” he said.

FTTP is the nbn’s fastest and most reliable residential connection and can deliver wholesale download speeds of close to one gigabit per second, which can support activities such as simultaneous streaming of

high-definition video, faster downloading and uploading of large files.