Footscray’s Mrs India says crown is for all women

Goya Dmytryshchak

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A Footscray woman named Mrs India Australia 2020 says the crown belongs to all women.

Born in India, 29-year-old Anumeha Tomar earned her MBA in marketing and finance before moving to Australia in November, 2019, and was married the following month.

Mrs Tomar said she applied for the Raj Suri title during Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns.

“This crown is not mine, but it belongs to all women out there,” she said.

“My story of a small-town girl to Mrs India Australia 2020 is no less than a snake and ladder game. No matter how deep the fall was, I refused to give up in life.

“I can relate to all the married women who spend the majority of their lives in India and later migrated to Australia.

“The move is challenging as they leave behind their well-paid jobs, family and friends to start a new life here.

“Something similar happened to me.

“Once I moved here, COVID started and I was jobless.

“Sitting idle, home all day, I was openly inviting depressing thoughts to seep in.

“I was slipping away from my dreams, goals and my own self.”

Mrs Tomar said she decided to start making videos and upload them on YouTube.

“Over the period, I got people following me and actually enjoying my funny content,” she said.

“Finally, the lockdown was over and I was back to work.

“Life runs like yin yang. There’s always good in bad, which in my case was to explore the digital creator in me during the lockdown phase.

“My message to anyone reading this would be to accept life as the most imperfectly perfect gift of God and to never give up, ever.”

Mrs Tomar said the title came with responsibilities and empowered her to accomplish her goals.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of married Indian women here who are deprived of basic rights,” she said.

“I will network with the Indian community here on social media, and at events and gatherings.

“If I am aware of any woman who is in a dire situation, I will try my best to meet them and lend them a helping hand … not only married women – I feel a lot of students here work on low wages.

“I will help them find cheaper accommodation and a better workplace to the best of my best capabilities.”

Due to COVID, the 2020 title event planned for Mumbai last October will now take place in India this year.