Guardian of Seaworks

The Guardian roars into Williamstown. Photo: James Base

Goya Dmytryshchak

Williamstown’s Seaworks Maritime Precinct is preparing to reopen with ‘The Guardian’ at the gate.

Reminiscent of a giant lion, the 10-metre puppet created by The Blanck Canvas has crept into Williamstown to be tested along the waterfront.

Seaworks executive officer Glenn Jones said the site was waiting to open up to the public again as coronavirus restrictions were eased.

“We’re hoping to reactivate the site a little bit more and we’ll be able to put on performances here, as well as people being able to come and see behind the scenes of how these things are built.

“What we plan to do, as we’re allowed to when we open up, is look at the possibility of puppetry workshops and open performances as far as rehearsals … people can just come along and actually have a look and see how it’s all done.

“Once we get some clarification on the restrictions being reduced to allow greater number, then we’ll be opening it up to the potential for extra shows and performances,” he said.