Hobsons Bay’s mobile vendors policy slammed

Alberto Cerminara. (Joe Mastroianni). 235141_01

Goya Dmytryshchak

Hobsons Bay’s longest operating ice cream truck vendor has criticised the council’s draft mobile vendors policy released for community feedback.

Albert Cerminara, who runs the Mr Fresh Ice Cream truck, said the proposed policy would drive him out of Hobsons Bay.

“The policy is unreasonable and unfair,“ he said.

“The things that concern me would be the 500 metre exclusion zone from an activity centre, existing bricks and mortar (businesses), approved vendor locations and other mobile vendors.

“It’s excessive. We won’t be able to trade anywhere basically. It would take out Newport, it would take Williamstown, it would take out Altona.“

Mr Cerminara said the $12,000 annual permit fee for itinerant (roaming) vendors was excessive.

“Two other councils, Maribyrnong, for example, have a roaming policy and have one that actually works and has worked for various years,“ he said.

“Their fee is $3152.50.

“Hume council has a fee of $967 for mobile vendors.

“It’s just a money grab. It’s simply a deterrent.“

Mr Cerminara and his father have traded in Hobsons Bay for more than 30 years.

They give out free ice creams at some locations such as specialist schools and aged care facilities, and have a ’pay it forward’ scheme.

Through a tender process, the council issues up to nine stationary roadside vendor permits, a council report states.

Vendors operating through the stationary roadside vendor program pay an annual permit fee ranging from $2500 at Altona boat ramp to $8000 at the Timeball Tower in Williamstown.

The mobile vendors policy is out for public consultation for six weeks.