Issac’s kind gesture

Issac and volunteer Dec. (Supplied)

Kingsville Primary School grade six pupil Issac has taken his final school project to another level.

As part of the last assignment, pupils had to consider the topic of sharing the planet.

“My final question was, how can I help in the community with food and water,” Issac said.

“I researched organisations that help people and the main one was Foodbank. I researched what Foodbank is and who it is.

“I emailed them with a little bit of help from my mum. I asked them if I could volunteer, but they said I couldn’t as I was underage.”

While he couldn’t volunteer, Foodbank volunteers told Issac that if he wanted to help he could do a food donation.

Keen to help, Issac set about organising to donate food.

“They sent me a checklist of what they wanted me to do,” he said.

“I made a pamphlet and my mum printed it out for me. I went around and put it in mailboxes in the neighbourhood and told them what time I would come back if they had any donations.

“When I went back to the houses, there was a lot more donations than what I expected. I was really lucky.”

Issac then dropped off the donations at the Foodbank, who were pleasantly surprised by the amount he had collected, as were his teachers.

“It makes me feel good to help people,” he said.

“My school assignment isn’t finished yet. Everyone I told loved the idea.”

Tara Murray