Jobs boost working for council

Mayor Colleen Gates and Hobsons Bay UP team leader Dalila Torres. Photo: Joe Mastroianni 211729_01

Goya Dmytryshchak

Hobsons Bay council has received $5.9 million state government funding to recruit up to 130 staff under the Working for Victoria initiative amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative aims to help people who have lost their jobs or whose income has been significantly affected because of the coronavirus. Roles will be for six months working directly on council projects.

New staff will work in a range of areas including environment and sustainability, infrastructure, economic development, community services and communications and engagement.

Some will be used to accelerate the council’s urban forest strategy, which aims to plant to plant 8500 trees in the first year, and to faster implement significant bike and pedestrian paths and other civil works projects.

Others will work with local businesses to support them in reopening and succeeding in coming months.

The council is also recruiting people in digital and business fields, and specialists roles such as counsellors and nurses.

Hobsons Bay mayor Colleen Gates said the council was one of 15 to successfully apply for the program.

“I am hopeful that the list of roles on offer will enable many women and young people to find work with council, given they are more likely to have been affected through the hit to retail, hospitality, tourism, arts and service sector industries,“ she said.

“We have put some thought into the roles created and invite people from all walks of life to apply to join the team.

“The coronavirus pandemic has not only taken a big toll on our economy, but also on countless individuals.”