Marathon effort for kids

Melissa Searle (Damjan Janevski) 235820_01

Goya Dmytryshchak

Altona mother-of-three Melissa Searle is running seven marathons in seven days to raise funds for Bravehearts, helping prevent child sexual assault and exploitation.

The assistant principal at Movelle Primary School in Kings Park is also a lead facilitator in Brimbank and Melton for the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships, which emerged from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“Our aim is to make sure that all the kids in this entire world are safe,” Ms Searle said.

“Especially in Australia, I think Bravehearts are a major contributor to raising awareness for the safety of our kids and I like that.

“Being an assistant principal and working with kids, they’re in the forefront of my job.

“I’ve got a love for all kids and I just want to make sure that they’re safe.

“If I can do this and raise awareness – through where I work as well – that gives me the confidence to know that the kids know that there’s people here that can help them if they are suffering from child exploitation or sexual abuse.

“If I can make that difference to one student or one child, it’s all worth it.”

Kicking off in Toowoomba on June 28,  Bravehearts’ 777 will work its way through Brisbane, Mount Isa, Cairns, Townsville and Mackay before culminating at the Gold Coast Marathon on Sunday, July 4.

To register for the 777 Virtual Marathon or to join the 777 marathon in person, register online at

To donate to Ms Searle, visit:

Bravehearts can be contacted on 1800 272 831.