My Place: Craig Marshall

30-03-17 MP Craig Marshall is taking part in the Altitude Shift event where he will abseil 113m (27 storeys) down Melbourne's St James building to raise funds for young people in care. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Newport’s Craig Marshall will this month abseil 27 storeys down Melbourne’s St James building for Anglicare’s Altitude Shift event to raise money for young people in care. He speaks with Goya Dmytryshchak.


What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?


My connection to Hobsons Bay goes back to childhood when I would come over with the family via the old steam ferry … in Port Melbourne, to come and visit Williamstown and go to the Newport Railway Museum and things like that. In ’86, I was the third youth development worker for the city of Williamstown. I bought a house in Williamstown North and settled in and became embedded in the community and joined what’s now called the Williamstown Music Theatre Company – it used to be the Light Opera Company – and did lots of jolly productions there like

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Grease. I used to play the comedic roles. I was pretty heavily involved in the old Williamstown Festival. I moved to Newport in ’96 when I got married.


What do you love about Newport?


Newport Lakes – I live next to Newport Lakes now. And I love all the schools in the area for my children. I love the waterfront and the beaches, Nelson Place and the piers, and Sea Shepherd. I go and visit MV Steve Irwin when it’s in. I love the community. That’s what drove me back to raise my family. It’s such a fantastic community, lots of sport, sports-mad people, lots of choice, good facilities.


What would you change?


I think I’d want to ensure that property development is appropriate for the area and shifts more towards sustainability. I’m quite keen on making sure that neighbourhood character isn’t too overly impacted by poor design or really high-density living unless it’s appropriate: around railway stations.

My biggest wish would be to connect up all the bike paths and make sure that they’re a lot safer because there’s some really dangerous spots. The Newport railway overpass is not cycle-friendly.

What’s your favourite cafe or eatery?


Stepping Stone is the one I’ve been to the most, lately. It’s a nice little hipster cafe.


Can you tell me why you’re abseiling off a tall building this month?


It’s paying tribute to our Scottish and Irish ancestors by undertaking a test and raising funds to keep children safe, and healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds of those bairn who have suffered.


For more information about Altitude Shift and to register, visit, or support Craig Marshall’s efforts at