Nursery looks up

Newport Lakes Native Nursery's petition is being assessed by council. Manager Nick Pandya (Damjan Janevski) 371308_05

Owner of Newport Lakes Native Nursery Nick Pandya said he is feeling positive after Hobsons Bay council accepted the petition regarding his nursery.

In its meeting on Tuesday, November 14, the council accepted the petition which was created in support of the nursery, which is facing possible closure due to council’s move to increase the business’s rent.

The petition was created by Friends of Skeleton Creek to demonstrate to councillors how important the nursery is to the community.

As reported by Star Weekly, the petition calls on the council to reconsider the terms of the new lease and it has amassed almost 2000 signatures online.

Councillor Johnathon Marsden moved the motion while making it clear the decision to be made is up to the chief executive.

“This is a lease negotiation, it is a matter under the chief executive’s delegation and I don’t seek to interfere in the operations or the decisions of the chief executive.”

Councillor Diana Grima said she is keen to hear the report and anything that she can do as a councillor.

Councillor Pamela Sutton-Leguad said there is a great deal of affection and support for the nursery.

“It has been a big part of Hobsons Bay for a long time, I know that the council staff are doing their best to retain the nursery, as we all know it has a unique offering.

“I hope we can get this resolved positively for those concerned.”

The petition will go to to council officers for assessment to be discussed at a future council meeting.