Petition heavy council meeting

Maribyrnong council accepted three petitions at its council meeting. (Damjan Janevski) 264038_05

Maribyrnong council accepted three petitions in its council meeting on Tuesday, November 21.

The three petitions titled, ‘Bring Back our Footscray Street Traders’, ‘Paintback Proposal Objection’ and ‘Eliminate Illegal Activity and Public and Private Nuisance on Suffolk St and Surrounds’, were brought to the council for consideration.

The traders petition received 1281 signatures asking the council to consider a solution that ensures an ongoing safe space for mini green market’ traders along the Leeds Street footpath in Footscray, that meets work health and safety requirements.

The Paintback petition received 310 signatures asking the council to reject Paintback’s planning application to build a facility, which will involve the crushing of paint cans and the release of post-processed fumes into the surrounding area, on Graingers Road, West Footscray.

The grounds for the petition is the alleged misuse of the existing site in breach of planning regulations and significant adverse impact to the amenity and health of the local community.

The third petition received 207 signatures.

The petition asked the council to lead the engagement of police and other legislative bodies in relation to the alleged activities and behaviour at a property on the corner of Suffolk and Montgomery streets, West Footscray.

The petitions will go to the chief executive for consideration.