Police appeal for information on Altona Meadows stabbing

Detectives are appealing for any information concerning the driver of a grey Volkswagen hatchback and a man who allegedly stabbed a 54-year-old Altona Meadows man on November 2 last year.

By Matthew Sims

Wyndham Crime Investigation Unit [CIU] detectives have appealed for public assistance concerning an alleged road rage incident in Altona Meadows last year, which led to a 54-year-old Altona Meadows man allegedly being stabbed twice.

Wyndham CIU Detective Senior Constable Kai Wilkie-Bourke said the alleged incident occurred on Tuesday, November 2 in 2021 at about 2.30pm.

“The victim, Andrew, was involved in some sort of road rage incident,” she said.

“Both the victim and the offending vehicle have pulled into Carinza Avenue in Altona Meadows and the victim has exited his vehicle, being a ute.”

Detective Senior Constable Wilkie-Bourke said witness reports indicated a verbal altercation took place.

“After that, Andrew has gone to get back in his ute and the offender has stabbed him twice to the lower back, causing really serious injuries,” she said.

“The offender has then ran back to the offending vehicle, which took off at a fast rate of speed towards Point Cook Road and then back towards the Werribee area.

“The offending vehicle was a grey Volkswagen hatchback with the rear VW logo blacked out and the offender was described as African in appearance, late teens to early 20s, approximately 170 centimetres tall with a slim build and he had black, curly hair in an Afro style.”

Detective Senior Constable Wilkie-Bourke said the alleged offender was wearing all black clothing and white runners.

“The victim and the offender in this incident are not known to each other and it was a completely random attack,” she said.

Detective Senior Constable Wilkie-Bourke said police have alleged that there were at least two people in the offending vehicle, including the driver and the offender.

She said the incident was “extremely violent” and traumatic for Andrew.

“It’s just violence for the sake of violence,” Detective Senior Constable Wilkie-Bourke said.

Andrew said he had suffered from nerve pain, back pain and had difficulty walking following the incident.

“I’m getting by, I’m having a go, but I am struggling…physically, mentally and financially,” he said.

“I’m back at work doing what I can and will take it as I progress and just see what happens.”

Andrew said the offender was “mentally sick” and he believed the attack was calculated to kill him.

“I saw someone sprinting at me with a knife in their hand,” he said.

“As he was stabbing me, he was looking at me over my left shoulder, smiling…big wide eyes, and he was enjoying it.”

Andrew said he believed he was going to die in that moment and he said goodbye to his family.

“I’ve got a seven year-old son and a 12 year-old daughter and they’ve been devastated,” he said.

“They keep me going.”

Andrew said witnesses encouraged him to stay alive until the ambulance arrived.

He said finding the offender would mean a lot for the community.

“Knives destroy lives and it’s destroyed mine,” Andrew said.

“I’ve witnessed the most evilest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Andrew said he was an ex-Defence member who served in Cambodia in 1991 and 1992.

Details: 1800 333 000 or crimestoppersvic.com.au