Police seize illegal motorised bikes

The seized motorised bikes

Benjamin Millar

Police have seized three illegal motorised pushbikes following a police chase in Altona on Thursday.

Westgate highway patrol were aided by Airwing in the pursuit after multiple calls from the public.

The riders attempted to run from police, but were apprehended and will be subject to police enforcement action.

The bikes were impounded.

A police spokesperson said that police have identified an increase in recent months in the illegal use of bicycles with petrol engines attached.

“Members of the public who use these vehicles, and their parents, need to be aware of the potential dangers these vehicles pose and the consequences of riding a bicycle that was not designed to have a motor, travel at consistently higher speeds and have the brakes adequate enough to stop such a vehicle,” the spokesperson said.

“The results can and have been fatal.”

A motorised bicycle looks like a pedal powered bicycle, except it has an auxiliary motor with continuous power output of 200 watts or less.

A motorised bicycle with a power output of more than 200 watts is classed as a motorcycle.

The police spokesperson said that to ride a motorcycle on Victoria roads or road related areas, it must comply with the relevant standards, be registered, and the rider must hold a valid motorcycle licence and be wearing an approved motorcycle helmet.

“These petrol powered motorised bicycles are dangerous to both the rider and pedestrians, are illegal and can be impounded.”

Anyone found to be riding a motorised bicycle with an engine that exceeds 200 watts on a road or road related area could face the following fines and charges:

• Unlicensed Driving – $909 (may also be subject to impoundment)

• Own or Use Unregistered motor cycle with engine capacity of 60cc or less – $182

• Own or Use Unregistered motor cycle with engine capacity of 61cc or more but less than 501cc – $545

• Ride motor bike without a helmet – $363 (3 Demerit Points)