Seal of approval for Altona

A seal pup at Altona pier. (Rachel Newby)

Goya Dmytryshchak

A seal pup hanging out near Altona pier during this week’s COVID-19 lockdown stopped long enough to pose for photos by a delighted local.

Rachel Newby photographed the seal from the legally required distance.

“Our morning pier walk was interrupted by the cutest seal pup swimming alongside the pier,” she said.

“It played in the water for a while before joining us on the pier for her photo shoot.”

Ms Newby said a Melbourne Zoo worker attended to try to catch the seal as it looked “too young to be away from its mother”.

“But the seal was far too playful and having far too much fun to let them catch it,” she said.

“It was there for about an hour.

“I think it’s just hanging around down there; it’s quite safe in that area.

“The guy from Melbourne Zoo said, we don’t know why it’s come here but it obviously feels safe.

“It spent ages swimming around there … and was just rolling around in the waves looking like it was having the time of its life.”

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning advises people not to approach seals.

People are required to remain 30 metres away from a seal on land and five metres away from a seal on a structure such as a jetty or boat ramp.

Dogs are required to be kept at least 50 metres away.