Sharing knowledge to installed car seats properly

(Back) Tim Olding, Michael Neumann, Melanie and Jack Herbert, (front) Rosemary Angyasy, Melissa Horne, Erica Edmands and Ingrid Magtengaard.

Anne Parisianne

Williamstown residents can soon join regular community training to ensure child car restraints are correctly installed and used.

The training follows a recent sessions at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in Williamstown, which recorded 80 bookings, surpassing the initial plan of only 60 attendees.

The training was facilitated by KidSafe, the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

Given the clear demand for such initiatives, the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria chair of house and social Ingrid Magtengaard said she hopes this training will be held quarterly, ensuring the safety of the youngest and most vulnerable on the roads.

Ms Magtengaard said the success of the campaign not only highlighted the community’s need but also the potential for a positive impact on child safety in the area.

Such training also aims to foster community spirit and provide essential services to local families, Ms Magtengaard said.

According to KidSafe Victoria, research shows that the risk of life-threatening injuries increases by 4-6 times when a child is travelling in a child car restraint that is incorrectly installed or used.

Statistics from Kidsafe Victoria’s free child car restraint fitting and checking program show that around 90% of child car restraints are incorrectly installed or used, according to KidSafe Victoria.

Kidsafe Victoria chief executive Melanie Courtney said, “Ensuring child car restraints are correctly installed can be challenging for parents if they haven’t been shown how to do so, which is why the ‘Safe Seats, Safe Kids’ program is so important”