Speech competition opens for local students

Winners of the competition will be flown to Canberra to deliver their speeches at Parliament House.

Fraser MP Dr Daniel Mulino has joined the Speaker of the House of Representatives Milton Dick to launch the national My First Speech competition.

The competition challenges students in years 10, 11 and 12 to imagine they have just been elected to Parliament and record a 90-second speech on a topic they are passionate about.

“I still remember standing in the House of Representatives to give my first speech as the inaugural member for Fraser,” Dr Mulino said.

“I have given lots of speeches over the years – to organisations here in Australia and on the international stage. But nothing compares to giving my first speech in Parliament.”

“Good speeches often have a mixture of facts, a bit of humour and even include something personal. But with only 90 seconds, it is also important to be concise.”

Dr Mulino said the competition is a great opportunity for local students to shine a national spotlight on the issues that matter most to them.

“The students participating in this competition will be our local leaders of tomorrow, and the experience they will gain from just taking part will give them a head start on their future,” he said.

The winners, along with a parent or a guardian, will all be flown to Canberra to deliver their speeches at Parliament House. They will also participate in a program that will deepen their understanding of how the legislative process works.

Speaker Milton Dick said this is an exciting way that young people can start to take an active role in Australia’s democratic system.

“This competition provides high school students the chance to learn more about the way our nation’s democracy works, and gain a deeper understanding of how you can draw attention to important issues by actively engaging with the parliamentary process,” he said.

The submission deadline for the competition is 5pm on August 11.

Details: www.aph.gov.au/myfirstspeech