Spreading spiritual wisdom

Maidstone author Diane Langdon has released her seventh book 'Remember This'. (Supplied)

Maidstone author Diane Langdon is hoping her new book can teach people how to spread joy.

The medium, astrologer and reiki healer’s seventh book ‘Remember This’ features quotes focusing on spirituality.

Ms Langdon said she believes the book holds “life-changing” life lessons.

“This book contains exquisite metaphorical language and a depth of spiritual wisdom,” she said.

“I really encourage people to read this book to awaken to the truth of life and understand the purpose of their existence.

“It’s the sort of book you read more than once, gaining new understanding each time you pick it up.”

Ms Langdon said the book aims to answer the ever-growing amount of questions people have surrounding spiritual meaning.

“My mission is to share this spiritual wisdom with others so that many more can benefit from understanding the mysteries of life,” she said.

“I want to inspire and motivate people and to help spread love and understanding in a world of pain and sorrow.”

Her sixth book ‘A Saint For Any Season’ won a Finalist Award in the religious fiction category of the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Ms Langdon said ‘Remember This’ will be her first book in hardcover.

‘Remember This’ is available at The Chestnut Tree Bookshop in West Footscray, Sedonia in Seddon and Dymocks in Werribee.

Details: www.dmlangdonauthor.com

Matthew Sims