Students embrace covid changes

Principal Adam Potter with year 11 students. Photo: Joe Mastroianni 211686_01

Goya Dmytryshchak

Masks are now part of the school uniform.

Williamstown High School students last Thursday wore their masks en masse as their use was mandated.

Pasco campus principal Adam Potter said he was proud of the students who had adapted to challenging times.

“All of our students who are onsite, so our VCE and VCAL students and also our year 10 students who are coming onsite for VCE classes, are required to wear masks,“ he said.

“That’s to and from school and also whilst they’re at school.

“I must commend our students: Day one … when we were out doing the temperature testing, as we do each morning, all of our students were wearing masks.

“That was really pleasing and it’s just a small way that everyone in our school community can play their part to ensure that we maintain the health and safety of everyone.“

Mr Potter said a number of students and staff had opted to wear masks before they were mandated.

“A lot of students have decided to bring their own masks, which has been great,“ he said.

“There are different versions of masks that are all appropriate for the students to be wearing.

“I’ve been really pleased with the approach of our VCE and VCAL students.

“In the first two weeks back, I think they way that they’ve handled everything in terms of the temperature testing and now the mandatory wearing of masks and also focusing on their studies – I think their efforts have been amazing.“