Sustainable procurement and investment

Councillor Simon Crawford. (Supplied)

Cr Simon Crawford

Council is currently in the process of reviewing both its Procurement and Investment policies, with a view to (among other things) ensuring a stronger focus on sustainability.

The existing Procurement Policy already has a focus on achieving the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible across the entire lifecycle of council’s goods, services and works.

This review will consider ways the existing requirements can be reinforced to deliver greater sustainable outcomes.

There is also opportunity in the Investment Policy to look at such things as fossil fuel divestment, as a means to withdraw support for the fossil fuel industry and begin actively supporting renewable energy and other green initiatives to help tackle our climate emergency.

The revised policies will be on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting of council, which, in this current environment, members of the community can attend virtually via a livestream link from council’s website.

As residents, I believe we should also consider our own procurement and investment activities.

When we buy products and services do we consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of our purchases?

For most of us superannuation is a key investment. Is your super provider investing in sustainable investments?

Maybe you run a business, not-for-profit organisation or work for a corporation. It would be great to consider how those organisations are impacting on the environment and do your best to steer them in the right direction.

Together we can make a difference!