VSDCA: Short is sweet with us, Seagulls say

WILLIAMSTOWN captain Craig Sheedy has praised the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association’s decision to play Twenty20 matches for points.

The Seagulls have shown their ability to adapt to all situations with wins in all three formats — one-day, two-day and Twenty20 — at the start of the summer.

Sheedy said 20-over-a-side cricket was a big deal at premier, state and international levels and for it not to be played for points at sub-district level would be to get stuck in the past.

“I think the Subbies are doing the right thing by getting up with the times,” he said.

“It’s the way cricket is going and there’s no point hiding from it. You’ve got to embrace it.”

The VSDCA already has a stand alone mid-week Twenty20 competition.

The move to include the format in the season proper further increases the exposure to the shortest format.

Sheedy can see the benefits in playing T20 on a more regular basis. “It makes guys play better cricket because you’ve got to adapt, play different shots, and that can only help your game.” — Lance Jenkinson