Chancellor jumps at Jets opportunity

Picture Shawn Smits

Tara Murray

New Western Jets coach Robbie Chancellor is looking forward to the opportunity ahead of him with the NAB League club.

Having been in the AFL coaching system for a number of years, most recently at St Kilda for nine years, Chancellor decided to look for a new role with AFL clubs needing to restructure due to cuts.

Chancellor said the pathway system was an exciting one to be a part of. Chancellor will coach both the boys and girls under-19 teams in a full-time role.

“I have been working in the AFL for quite a while and to be part of the pathways with both girls and boys is an exciting opportunity,” he said.

“I knew I was in a little bit of trouble with the cap squeeze. I was proactive and being a young coach, the time was right to look for something else.

“The knock on me was I had experience as an assistant coach at AFL level, but I hadn’t coached my own team… Now I get to coach my own team twice.”

Chancellor said he had a little bit of experience with the pathway system and the western suburbs through his role at St Kilda.

He said the western suburbs potentially had a lot of untapped talent.

“That’s the exciting part,” he said.

“It’s an exciting area and very multicultural,” he said.

“There are some really good players in the area and sport is a big part of the community out there.”

Chancellor said his focus would be to make sure the two programs, boys and girls, were successful.

“The St Kilda assistant coaches in the men’s did rotate through and do some trainings with the AFLW team the last couple of years, so I’ve done bits and pieces.

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know the difference between coaching boys and girls.

“I want to set the club up as the Western Jets Football Club and it doesn’t matter whether you play for the boys or girls.

Part of Chancellor’s new role sees him take on the head football coaching role at Maribyrnong Sports Academy.

He started that role last week.

“I wish I had the opportunity to go there when I was growing up,” he said.

“Sport is an important part of growing up for young boys and girls.

“There’s the opportunity to work on team work, camaraderie and it helps round them as people.

“It’s an opportunity to work with some of the younger players as well, from year seven to year 12.”

Chancellor said it was now a waiting game until they get the go-ahead to start pre-season,

He said they hoped to start within the next month, especially for the girls who kick off their season in February.

“Fingers crossed that hopefully we can get started late November-early December in some capacity,” he said.

“To get them training is exciting for those kids, boys and girls who have not had a season of footy and were doing school from home. “