MPs spar over level crossings

Concerns have been raised in state Parliament about increased traffic from the impending removal of Kororoit Creek Road level crossings at North Williamstown station and outside the nearby Mobil refinery.

Western Metropolitan Liberal MP Bernie Finn has asked if the state government would “publish all data on the effects on traffic volumes of the grade separations, particularly in light of traffic projections for the West Gate Tunnel project”.

Mr Finn said Williamstown residents were concerned “that the removal of these level crossings will simply draw more traffic through Williamstown and make it a more attractive route, especially given the increasing truck traffic predicted for nearby roads”.

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said removing the two “dangerous” level crossings would “significantly increase safety and better protect all members of the Williamstown community”.

“The Kororoit Creek Road level crossing removal project also is partially duplicating the Altona Loop, improving the reliability of train services in Melbourne’s west,” she said.

Williamstown MP Wade Noonan said separating the road and rail line at Ferguson Street/Kororoit Creek Road would “keep the hundreds of school children who use this crossing each week safe”.

Goya Dmytryshchak