Vietnamese making masks for the vulnerable

Myly Nguyen Photo: Joe Mastroianni 211713_03

Goya Dmytryshchak

The Vietnamese Association in Hobsons Bay has made about 4000 masks to give to vulnerable members of the community, including residents in Williamstown’s Nelson Heights and Floyd Lodge public housing flats.

President Myly Nguyen, whose mother was recently in hard lockdown in the North Melbourne towers, said members had reached out to help others affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To me, if you’re able to make a mask, if you’re able to distribute or help in your neighbourhood, that’s good,“ Ms Nguyen said.

“If you can help those ones who need it the most.

“Quite a lot of seniors can’t afford it and they can’t go to the shop and buy – queuing up.

“If you’re able to make it and share it amongst your neighbours – a lot of elderly, a lot of seniors are by themselves at home.

“If you’re able pitch in a bit a do a little bit extra, that would help.

“I think during this crisis, just help each other.“

Masks have also been distributed to Altona-based homelessness service Latitude and other community outlets.

Hobsons Bay mayor Colleen Gates said the council had partnered with the Vietnamese association, housing providers, local emergency support organisations and others following tower lockdowns in other parts of Melbourne.

“The groundswell of support for our own tower residents has been overwhelming,“ she said.

“We are very grateful to the Vietnamese association for their generosity and the hours of work to craft so many much needed cloth face masks, which are finding their way to the residents of Nelson Heights and Floyd Lodge.

“Hobsons Bay is providing support to vulnerable members of our community through various programs and service, and I want to remind people to please reach out to us if in need of assistance.”

Hobsons Bay community groups and residents, including tradespeople who need masks for their jobs, can request masks by emailing or calling 0432 225 950.